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Political Campaign Giveaways - '08 Election Kick Off
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Political Campaign Giveaways -

’08 Election Marketing Kicks Off Early


Presidential hopefuls are firing up their political machines earlier than ever before – much to the delight of ad specialty companies. Whereas potential world leaders would begin campaigning the summer before an election year, in 2007 the push kicked off with the calendar year, according to observers.

“My political distributors have already been calling,” says pin manufacturer Dino Bartolomei “I already had special quotations for [Connecticut Senator] Chris Dodd, [Alaskan Senator] Mike Gavel, [Ohio Representative] Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. From June on, I think it’s going to be a huge year.”

Paul McConnell says, “All of the timetables have been pushed forward because of all of the announcements. It started early this year. During the last presidential election, I don’t think a major candidate was announced until well into summer.” As a result he feels spending will break records; however “whether it translates into products and merchandise is another issue. Web, interactive and TV takes a lot of the spending away.” *ASI Central 

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