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Attention-Getting Designs
Spending summers in Key West, FL has inspired embroiderer Teriann Shrum in her apparel design ideas. "I would browse from street vendor to artist watching watercolor and beading flow into the streets," Shrum says. Shrum's current project is creating "La Vie En Rose" designs for denim shorts by using tonal rose motifs in blues and scarlets. The designs trail from the hem to the side of the hip and down the front of one leg. Intertwined with the chain of soft tonal roses is a placement of friend and family photos processed using bubble jet and then adhered to the jeans by pressing. "Denim is my favorite fabric to embellish. A collage of portraits, road maps, birds and fabric paint with intertwining embroidery and beading can create a fabulous design blast for the summer months. Cold dye a silk scarf to twist into a belt, add an old brooch for a buckle and you are all set," says Shrum.

Shrum also suggests carrying this design aesthetic to cotton tank tops for wider appeal. "Embroider light density designs of tiny floral swirls mixed with Inkjet photo collages. I guarantee people will stop you just to read your apparel," she says.


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