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Buying Trends: Ad Media

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

"Broadcast TV will surpass newspapers as the largest ad medium in 2008, while total Internet ad spend will surpass broadcast TV in 2011," states a report released by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (, a private equity firm that studies media, communications, information and education. Don't let your Web site remain simply a static online catalog. Be part of the trend by building an Internet presence:

Blog with content relevant to your clients. (For example, if your niche is school promotions, address collegiate interests.) This will help keep clients returning to your site.

Offer free podcasts or videocasts from your site.

Promote your firm with Web keys that give "insider" discounts or information.

Include your Web address in your contact information.

Write a warm and interesting "about us" and/or "history" page to give clients an idea of your company culture.

Ask clients for feedback on your site in the form of online surveys, polls or industry Q&A. Post the responses you receive (providing your respondents are aware their responses may be shared on the site!).


Deborah Jeanne Sergeant is a NY-based contributing writer to Wearables and Stitches Magazine

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