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Laser It - Laser Etching Imprint

This high-tech, computerized branding technique can produce images, text, logos and textures on your newest fleece apparel. By using lasers to remove fleece down to the liner, a custom logo can be etched into place, revealing a darker, richer image on your color of choice. Companies such as ID Wear (asi/62095) offer laser branding on most of their fleece apparel.

According to ID Wear’s Marketing Manager, Michelle Spezowka, “This kind of decoration service is ideal for micro fleece and denim apparel. The laser makes a permanent impression on the fabric and essentially lasts forever.” Wear-tested laser samples haven’t shown signs of wearing out.

“Laser etching can achieve great detail and texture in the artwork and takes an average of 10 to 15 seconds to produce one impression for most logos,” Spezowka says.

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