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Printing Processes Descriptions

In order to provide an informed understanding of the many printing processes, we at provide you with the information included on this page. Our goal with all of our Resource Guides is to inform and educate our customers in order to provide the best customer experience possible. Please call for any questions of clarifications. We welcome suggestions on our how we can improve your shopping experience. 800-728-7192

Lithography – Offset Printing  Characteristics: The majority of all modern printing uses this method. The ink lays flat on the printed surface and is very versatile on printed paper products and surfaces. Digital Printing is slowly overcoming Offset Printing as the most popular and easily generated printing technique.

Letterpress  Characteristics: Most commonly linked to printing of newspapers in the early part of the 20 century. The raised surface of the face of the metal letters is impressed into the page and leaves an intended mark filled with ink. The indention will be dependent on the factors of letter size, paper thickness and materials used.

SCREEN PRINTING  Characteristics: When using the screen printing method, the ink sits on top of the paper or surface and dries. It is a perfect method for printing on colored surfaces as the thickness of the ink allows for little to no transparency. Can be used for printing semi fine lines to large open areas. 

Engraving  Characteristics: Engraving can be done on multiple surfaces such as paper and metal. This is usually the sharpest and most fin print available of all traditional print methods. Generally speaking engraving is the most expensive method of imprint. Money is imprinted from engraved plates. 

Foil Stamping  Characteristics: You have many color options for the foil; most familiar would be the metal colors like silver and gold. Similar to silk screen as you can have little to no transparency so print on colored surfaces is easily done with foil imprint.

Appliqué: Shaped pieces of fabric sewn onto one another for decoration that adds dimension and texture. Designs with appliqué are economical because they reduce the number of embroidery stitches needed to fill the design area.


Debossing: A depressed imprint created by a machine pressing a dye into the surface of fabric or material. Popular in leather decorations.


Embossing: A surface effect achieved on fabric by means of passing cloth through a series of engraved rollers that impart figures or designs to its surface. Rollers work through heat and pressure.


Emblem: Logo or design with a finished edge, commonly an insignia of identification.


Boring: Open-work incorporated into embroidered designs; a sharp-pointed instrument punctures, or bores, the fabric, and stitches are made around the opening to enclose raw edges.

Locker Loop: A looped piece of fabric in the neck of a garment for the convenience of hanging the garment on a hook. Can also be located at the center of the back yoke on the inside or outside of a garment.

Solution-Dyed: A type of fiber dyeing in which colored pigments are injected into the spinning solution prior to the extrusion of the fiber through the spinneret. Fibers and yarns colored in this manner are colorfast to most destructive agents.


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