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Thread Weight Matters - Embroidered Clothing

There are many threads in the marketplace labeled as an inaccurate 40-weight thread. The weight measurement for thread is actually based on length, not heaviness. A thread is labeled at 40 because 40 kilometers of the thread will weigh 1 kilogram. And the weight is determined by how many kilometers of the thread it takes to amount to 1 kilogram in weight. The lower the weight number, the heavier the thread. A “true” 40-weight thread will save both time and money.



Here’s how:



  • Better Fill: A true 40 weight thread, such as the Iris Polyester Thread available from EnMart, requires fewer stitches because it fills better. It’s thicker, giving the user better coverage on the fabric. And of course, fewer stitches means less thread and less time needed to stitch the design.



  • Fewer Breaks: Breaks are the bane of every machine embroiderer’s existence. But a true 40-weight thread is hard, making it more likely to run longer stretches of time without breaks. If machine tensions are adjusted properly, production could increase. Increased production would result in more designs and more revenue.


Less Splitting: Arcs and curves are a common feature in many designs today. A standard thread will often split when stitching a unique design or logo. A true 40-weight thread can handle the increased stress an arc or curve can place, resulting in less splitting.
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