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Trade Show Tips

Attending a trade show can be overwhelming whether you’re going for the first time or have attended numerous shows. Being prepared and knowing what to get out of the experience can save you time and also help you get the most information from the event. Here are a few suggestions to help you before and during each show you attend.



The first thing is to be comfortable and wear the proper clothes. Many trade shows are huge and a lot of walking is required. Wearing supportive walking shoes and different layers of clothing is important. It’s hard to guess what the temperature of the building will be, but it’s a lot easier to take articles of clothing off than not having anything to put on. Also, make sure to bring a tote bag or even a backpack for carrying samples and brochures. Some shows will hand out free bags, but bring your own just in case. This will save a lot of wear and tear on your hands and arms.



Eliminate wasting time and wandering by visiting the event’s Web site prior to the show; for one, you could make a list of the company booths and numbers you want to visit in the exhibit hall.



The last suggestion is to ask a lot of questions. Vendors at trade shows are there to sell their product and give enough information about that product to garner new customers. And when you show interest, every good vendor will always take the time to answer your questions completely. If the rep is too busy with another customer, you can always arrange to come back later to discuss things in more depth.



Source Wearables Magazine

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