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Unique Washes for Clothing

Unique Washes
The old and worn out look is in right now, and consumers and end-users are willing to pay for clothing that looks and feels like it's been run over by a truck or washed 100 times. To create these vintage appearances, garments are put through special washes to give them just the right old and worn characteristics. Here are some of the different washes employed to create these effects.

Acid Wash: A garment-dyed effect that uses acid chemicals to create a vintage, crinkle finish. Similar to a very subtle tie-dye.

Bio Polish: This is similar to the enzyme wash. It comes in three levels, light, medium and heavy. Helps to give fabric a permanent, glossy appearance and a color brightness that's retained after repeat washings.

Burnout: Using a fabric blend of cotton and polyester, a special chemical is sprayed onto the fabric that actually burns off the cotton in spots, leaving only the polyester. This produces a super-vintage look, as if the garment was washed and worn for many years.

Enzyme Wash: Uses a natural product to give garments a soft finish, smoother appearance and reduce shrinkage. Also helps to control pilling.

Ocean Wash: Type of garment dye using certain chemicals that give a soft tonal effect, much like salt bleaching.
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